Jail time for Lai death

THERE was provocation and intense emotion the night a Coffs Harbour man fatally punched a man on the Gold Coast glitter strip.

But Justice Jean Dalton said she was sure Kenneth Faron Shawn Lionel Major, 24, had no intention of causing the death of Api Lai.

"I'm sure if you had that minute or two again, then you would act very differently," she said.

Justice Dalton sentenced Major to six years in jail with parole eligibility after he has served 18 months behind bars for manslaughter.

She said she understood why he ran the case to trial, but a Brisbane Supreme Court jury found his actions did not fit an accident defence in terms of criminality.

"There was provoking conduct and heightened circumstances," she said. "Mr Lai undoubtedly assaulted your sister ... you didn't actually see that but upon being informed of that you reacted quite quickly.

"You weren't drunk but you were so angry you weren't thinking clearly.

"It was all so senseless and so random."

Major, 24, travelled from Coffs Harbour to the Gold Coast with his wife on February 14, 2010, to watch the Indigenous All Stars NRL match.

He moved onto Surfers Paradise that evening where he got into a fight with 45-year-old Lai on Cavill Ave after drinking at the Bourbon Bar.

Justice Dalton said Major killed Mr Lai after punching him just once in the face, which resulted in him falling backwards and hitting his head on the concrete footpath.

Lai suffered brain damage and died in hospital a week later.

Justice Dalton said Major was a family man and it was a tragedy for him.

But she said she could not ignore the tragedy for Mr Lai and his family.