Jailed for sleeping in woman's bed

A WARWICK man, who was channelling famed fairytale character Goldilocks when he broke into a woman's home and slept in her bed, has been jailed.

Jason Allan Martin appeared in Warwick Magistrates Court yesterday after spending eight days in police custody.

The father of four - who was supported in court by his pregnant girlfriend and his sister - faced 18 charges, including deprivation of liberty, assault occasioning bodily harm, invasion of privacy and failing to dispose of a syringe.

The court heard the 27-year-old travelled to Greymare from Toowoomba on July 1 and broke into the woman's house while she was visiting relatives.

The concerned woman returned to her home the following day and found Martin inside and noticed her bed had been slept in.

Police Prosecutor Sergeant Ken Wiggan told the court Martin apologised to the woman and offered his mobile phone as part payment for the damage he did to the doors while getting inside the residence.

Earlier that day, Martin was in Toowoomba and stole a car he believed belonged to him, despite a pregnant woman sitting in the passenger seat.

The court heard when the driver left the vehicle to speak with somebody, Martin jumped in the driver's seat and took off with the passenger screaming.

Sgt Wiggan told the court Martin pulled up several blocks away, waved a knife at the woman and told her to get out before he "slit her throat open".

The court heard the matter was related to two other incidents in which Martin became involved in arguments with a couple over car parts.

On May 6 of last year, Martin approached the pair at a Warwick store and threatened to "cave in" the man's head and told the pregnant woman he would "kick her guts in".

A week and a half later Martin saw the man at the Pig and Calf sale and punched the man in retaliation for having him charged over the earlier incident.

The court heard the man suffered facial injuries, including a cut lip, swelling and bruising and was transported to hospital by ambulance.

Martin yesterday pleaded guilty to all 18 charges and was sentenced to 18 months jail, with parole eligibility set for July 25, 2012.