Jason Newell will appear in the upcoming series of Beauty and the Geek.
Jason Newell will appear in the upcoming series of Beauty and the Geek.

Jason excited to be a TV geek

FORMER Monkland State School and Cooloola Christian College student Jason Newell will become a reality TV star over the next few months when he appears in the upcoming fourth series of Beauty and the Geek.

Jason, a town planner who did his work experience with Gympie Regional Council last year, will compete for $100,000 on the Channel Seven show, due to hit Gympie television screens in the next few weeks.

In a Channel Seven website promotion for the show "Jason from Queensland" says how he hates double standards.

"Why is it that a guy with glasses is a geek, but a girl with glasses is sexy and smart?" he asks.

The website says Jason boasts an entire catalogue of kooky dance moves from the "no bones", where he swings himself around in a limbless manner so it appears he is boneless, to the "wiggle" in which he wriggles around doing the twist like a worm.

It says both dance moves have been sourced from the internet and put into action at parties and Jason's local clubs.

"I know everybody is looking down at me thinking, 'This guy is weird', but I don't care I just go with it and have fun," Jason says.

When he isn't busy busting out his epic dance moves or watching Star Trek, Jason is most likely creating medieval-inspired armour out of bottle tops, or assembling and then painting medieval miniature model kits that he has bought online.

"I don't really play with the models, but I rather just like creating them as I find it a relaxing process," he says on the website.

Jason is apparently hoping to find some luck with the ladies in the Beauty and the Geek house and wants to be able to learn how to read girls' body language so he can become gutsy and approach girls.

"At the moment I overthink every time I want to talk to a girl so I end up pulling out at the last moment and then feel down that I haven't made the effort," he says.