Jazz Coogan, 14, will be competing at the World Championships of Performing Arts in Hollywood.
Jazz Coogan, 14, will be competing at the World Championships of Performing Arts in Hollywood. Warren Lynam

Jazz tunes up career in Hollywood

SOME people are born with it - others spend a lifetime in search of it.

Coast teenager Jazz Coogan is one of the former, with a talent for music that belies her tender age.

The 14-year-old's musical journey began early and by age three she was already impressing people with her beautiful voice.

"This star was born to sing", proclaimed the headline in the Daily in February 2001.

Jazz has been in love with music for as long as she can remember.

"I was always singing and every night mum would come into my room and she'd sing me songs," she said.

"I'm always singing and I can't stop.

"It's my favourite thing to do."

She was singing the National Anthem before she turned two.

"We're not talking about lullabies, we're talking about a girl who loved music so much that our night-time routine would be about an hour of singing," mum Julie said.

"We knew she had a special gift."

Over the past 11 years Jazz has developed that gift to become a world-class musician, earning selection to compete at this year's World Championships of Performing Arts in Hollywood.

She was chosen from more than 70,000 applicants and will join five other Australian girls competing in the under-15 section.

"It's a chance for Jazz to present herself to a global platform and anyone who's looking for new talent will be at this event," Julie said.

"Just to get in front of the big-wigs in Los Angeles where the big decisions are made will be fantastic."

Jazz's amazing musical intuition is further supported by the fact that she is a completely self-taught singer and guitarist.

She picked up the guitar four years ago and excelled quickly, penning her first song soon after.

"I was 10 when I wrote my first song," Jazz said.

"I've written many since then but am especially proud of six of them.

"When you just finish a song and you play it through the first time it just feels so wonderful."

The recording world beckons, with Jazz hoping to enter a studio this year to record an EP of her own songs.

"I haven't recorded anything before but I'd like to have six songs recorded by June," she revealed.

She is happiest when performing and said being on stage was the time when she felt most at ease.

"I don't ever get nervous and I just feel so good when I'm up there.

"I smile at the audience and they smile back at me which makes me wish I could continue on with the song forever."