Joh Griggs pictured with Australian weightlifter Tia Toomey.
Joh Griggs pictured with Australian weightlifter Tia Toomey. Contributed

Joh Griggs gearing up for marathon Olympics in Rio

JOH Griggs is now in what she likes to call the Olympic bubble.

The TV presenter and Commonwealth Games medal-winning swimmer is in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, as part of Channel 7's Olympics commentary team.

"As the team has been finalised it's been really exciting working on all those individual athlete biographies," Griggs tells APN's The Guide.

"You start to get obsessed with the most inane details. It's all-consuming. We are producing more than 5000 hours of content across three channels and online."

Griggs will host Seven's coverage of the opening and closing ceremonies.

Along with Edwina Bartholomew, Rachael Finch and Neil Kearney she will also bring viewers all of the colour and characters throughout the Rio Games, from the sun-soaked fun of the beach volleyball at Copacabana to the buzz of the Olympic Stadium at Maracanã.

"If I had to sum up my role it would be the opening and closing ceremonies and then, the entire rest of the time in between is getting flogged. But it's an absolute privilege," she says.

"I'm lucky I thrive on little sleep and high pressure, and that I love sport."

She likens her intense preparations, including studying up on all 419 Aussie athletes, to a giant university exam.

"You do remember facts and figures if you've done the work," she says. "We always prepare so much more than we need to."

She has no doubt Australia will again punch above its weight in the medal tally.

"There's so much depth in our swimming team again," she says.

"Our athletics team is the strongest it's been in 12 years. There are so many potential medallists, and that's without gorgeous Sally (Pearson, hurdler) as well."

It's Griggs' sixth Olympic Games as a commentator, and her first visit to Brazil.

"I've never been to South America, so I am beside myself," she says.

"I've been learning Portuguese the past couple of months, mainly because I'm going to be on the ground and you just have to be able to get around.

"Yes there have been concerns around Zika (virus) and security, but you have to hope that they (the Games) always seem to miraculously come together. One thing I do know about Brazilians is they know how to have a good time."

The Rio Games Opening Ceremony airs tomorrow from 6am on Channel 7.