Judge cracks down on Bieber's bratty antics

PERHAPS the most cringe-causing celebrity video, the one featuring a bratty Justin Bieber being a jerk during a deposition, is to score a long-awaited sequel.

TMZ reports the famously despised Bieber is to be again questioned about his on-again-off-again love interest Selena Gomez.

In the first deposition, when asked by an attorney about their relationship, Bieber shouted, "Don't you ask me about her again", then refused to dignify that line of questioning with anything more than broody looks.

The same attorney will ask the questions as part of claims the singer attacked papparazzi.

No word yet on the date of this second deposition, but TMZ reports it will be videotaped once again.

If you're keen to relive the joy of the first installment, check it out below.

(Highlight: at the 20-second mark, he wonders aloud if he has ever been to Australia.)

Justin bieber deposition: Justin Bieber filmed deposition
Justin bieber deposition: Justin Bieber filmed deposition