Celebrity henna artist Ash Kumar has revealed he once got
Celebrity henna artist Ash Kumar has revealed he once got "completely distracted" by Julia Roberts' beautiful smile when he was working with the star. Bang ShowBiz

Julia Roberts' smile distracts celebrity henna artist

JULIA Roberts unintentionally made a henna artist "nervous" with her smile.

Ash Kumar has revealed he was once applying the flowering paint onto the 47-year-old star - who won an Oscar for 2000 movie 'Erin Brockovich' - but got "completely distracted" by her beautiful looks, despite insisting he doesn't usually get anxious about working with stars.

He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "Julia Roberts was the only time I wished I could have taken longer over a design. Her smile was completely distracting and I fell in love with her all over again.

"'Erin Brockovich' was one of my favourite films at the time. Usually I don't get nervous before a job but on this occasion the nerves kicked in."

Ash has also applied henna to the likes of Demi Moore and Madonna, who was one of his first ever clients.

Speaking about working with the singer, he said: "It was a great experience and one of my first. It really gave me insight into how production teams work.

"There are so many layers from cameras to security to make up and then there are retakes and playbacks. It was my first real 'ah-ha' moment."