Meningococcal victim Julianne Dunkinson
Meningococcal victim Julianne Dunkinson

Julianne was so beautiful: tributes to meningococcal victim

A HEARTBROKEN older brother of Pomona mother of two Julianne Dunkinson, taken so suddenly by meningococcal, summed up her personality as that of a beautiful bloom.

"They only pick the best flowers out of the garden," Ken Young said in Pomona on Tuesday as he tried to make sense of the 37-year-old's sudden loss.

"She was a very humble girl, a very loving mother, daughter and sister and wherever she went, she put a smile on people's faces."

"She touched everybody that she knew," Mr Young said.

Julianne, a single mum of two, died on Sunday night, just hours after being diangosed with meningococcal.

He said he knew people in the building game that he worked in, who had to deal with this deadliest of diseases and had survived.


Ken Young talks about his sister
Ken Young talks about his sister

But the Toowoomba-based Mr Young agreed to front the media because he wanted to get the message out about this senseless killer, whose signs and symptoms in Ms Dunkinson's case, came out of seemingly nowhere.

"I want everyone to find out the symptom of meningococcal, I want them to Google it, because it doesn't take long to take somebody down," he said after she experienced severe aches and pains last Friday at Noosa Council, where she had worked for more than 20 years.

"My sister collapsed at work (at Noosa Council) on Friday morning and went to the GP and at 10 o'clock in the morning she had blood tests done.

"She had the symptoms, but nothing turned up. But by six o'clock she was on life support in the intensive care unit."

Meningococcal was confirmed by Sunday morning and she died that day.

The more common signs and symptoms include:

General poor feeling.

Sudden high fever.

Severe, persistent headache.

Neck stiffness.

Nausea or vomiting.

Discomfort in bright lights.

Drowsiness or difficulty awakening.

Joint pain.