Julie Bishop lobbies UN for MH17 criminal tribunal

FOREIGN Minister Julie Bishop will fly to New York this week to push for an international criminal tribunal to investigate who was responsible for the suspected shooting down of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17.

She will join delegates from Ukraine, Belgium, Malaysia and the Netherlands to argue for the United Nations to launch the investigation and prosecute those to blame.

"The UNSC must send a strong message to the growing number of non-state actors who have the ability to target civilian aircraft that such attacks will not be tolerated," Ms Bishop said.

"The UNSC is faced with a critical decision next week and I am determined to work with the international community to achieve accountability and closure - for the sake of the victims of MH17 and for their loved ones."

Russian President Vladimir Putin is expected to use its power of veto in the UN Security Council to block the bid when it goes to a voteon Wednesday.

The disaster claimed 298 lives a year ago, including 39 Australians.