Police sergeant Jason Scott Renwick leaves Brisbane Supreme court last week. Picture: John Gass/NCA NewsWire
Police sergeant Jason Scott Renwick leaves Brisbane Supreme court last week. Picture: John Gass/NCA NewsWire

Jury discharged in cop bum-grab case

The jury in the case of a Queensland cop accused of grabbing a female colleague's bottom during a training exercise has been discharged after the 12 members were unable to reach a verdict.

Sergeant Jason Scott Renwick, 49, last week faced a trial in the Brisbane District Court for allegedly indecently assaulting a female officer during a training day last year.

The trial began last Wednesday, and the jury retired to consider its verdict shortly after 1pm on Friday.

After a full day of deliberations, they came back late yesterday afternoon and told the court they were unable to reach a verdict, forcing Judge Anthony Rafter to discharge the jury.

Renwick's case has now been listed for a mention on September 11.

Last week, Crown prosecutor Brendan White told the jury the training exercise being undertaken on the day of the alleged indecent assault involved each person passing another officer, who was in a cover position, and tapping or squeezing them on the shoulder before the final officer in the line was required to say "last man".

Mr White alleged as Renwick passed the female constable he cupped her on the right buttock and said "last man" before laughing.

The court heard the constable said, "What the f--- was that?"

Renwick allegedly replied, "Don't hit me."

Mr White said Renwick later approached the female constable and asked: "The thing on the stairs, did I overstep a line?"

The court heard the officer replied: "I'm OK but it isn't OK" and later made a criminal complaint against Renwick.

Mr White argued what he termed an "ill considered joke" was an indecent assault.

Taking the stand and giving evidence in his own trial, Renwick told the jury he had tried to grab the female officer on the hamstring but missed and squeezed her bottom.

He said he had been told by trainers that grabbing the hamstring was appropriate if the shoulder could not be reached or someone was on a set of stairs.

"I went for her hamstring and I've grabbed her and I said 'last man' and immediately realised I'd grabbed the lower part of her buttock," Renwick told the jury.

"I was really embarrassed after I grabbed her.

"I laughed and said: 'Don't hate me'."

Originally published as Jury discharged in cop bum-grab case