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Timberlake wanted for Baywatch movie

BAYWATCH is coming to the big screen - and Justin Timberlake is wanted for the lead role.

That's the latest news on a long-rumoured big screen adaptation of David Hasselhoff's hit TV show, which ran for 11 seasons from 1989 to 1999.

Twitchfilm.com reported Paramount Pictures wanted Timberlake, a pop star who has turned his hand to acting, to take over from Hasselhoff and play the lead role.

The movie news website reported Timberlake would play a disgraced former Olympic swimmer who becomes a lifeguard.

The movie's writers say the script would include roles for Hasselhoff and his former bikini-clad co-star, Pamela Anderson.

Timberlake has previously starred in the films Friends with Benefits and The Social Network.