Kanye West announces album title: So Help Me God

KANYE West has announced that his new record will be called So Help Me God, and that it's "80 per cent done".

The rapper, who performed at the BRIT Awards on Wednesday night, announced his new album title on Sunday.

West told radio show The Breakfast Club that the album was "80 per cent done", and that the sound is feel-good and the release date will be a surprise.

When asked about his new record, West said it would feature "bars, songs, cookout - music that just feels good."

"My last album was a protest of music," he added. "This album's just embracing the music, embracing joy, and just being of service to the people."


This will be an artistic shift after the spiky, synth-heavy, industrial sound on 2013 album Yeezus, which featured thought-provoking songs about how black men had been enslaved by fashion, as well as musings on fame and drug use.

"Release dates is played out. The surprise is gonna be a surprise," he said of the new record.

West added that becoming a father had changed his outlook on life, and spoke about how his collaboration with Paul McCartney on album track Only One had brought him closer to John Lennon.

"When I got past the Gucci store and got past how cool my jacket was, I finally was, like the song says, the man I always knew you could be. When I became a protector, a dad, a husband, I finally could stand up and stand for something."