Katie Holmes
Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes' empowering directorial debut

KATIE Holmes found it "really empowering" making her directorial debut.

The 37-year-old actress took a step behind the camera for 'All We Had' - in which she also took on a leading role - and loved the thrill of being on both sides of the lens.

Asked what it was like acting and directing, she said: "Well, you don't sit down - that's for sure. It was really empowering. I knew that it was going to be very intense, and I had my notebooks of acting notes and directing notes, and the first day I just directed. And so it was the second day that I was like, 'Oh God, here we go. If this doesn't work I'm in big trouble.' But you just go for it. You do fumble and make mistakes. But I came out of it inspired to do it again."

And the brunette beauty - who has Suri, 10, with her ex-husband Tom Cruise - left a special mention to her daughter at the end of the movie to remind her of how much an "inspiration" she will always be.

She added to the New York Times newspaper: "It was my first film, and I want her to always know that she's the inspiration behind everything, and so hopefully it means something as she gets older. Just to let her know how important she is."

Meanwhile, Katie previously admitted she finds directing both "exciting and scary".

She shared: "It was exciting and scary. It's just... you're in charge! Then the movie takes on its own life, and that's fun. I love being behind the monitor and seeing Stefania [LaVie Owen] and Eve [Lindley] have a great moment. It's like, [gasp]. I did that."