Kim Kardashian slammed over Manchester tribute

KIM Kardashian has been slammed by her followers after posting a tribute to the victims of the Manchester terror attack.

The reality star took to Instagram and Twitter to share a now-deleted post, hours after it was revealed 22 people had been killed and a further 59 were injured after a suicide bomber detonated at Manchester Arena on Monday night, The Sun reports .

The attack came just minutes after pop star Ariana Grande finished her concert, and Kardashian shared a picture of herself with the 23-year-old as part of her tribute to the victims.

Alongside it, she wrote on Instagram: "I'm praying for everyone in Manchester.

"This is truly so senseless & heart breaking. I can't imagine the fear and agony these parents must be going through searching for their kids.

"Concerts are supposed to be a place where u can let loose and have fun.

"It's so scary to not feel safe in this world. My heart goes out to @arianagrande I love you".

In the image, Kardashian can be seen grinning as Grande stands nearby clapping, while Kendall Jenner is also in shot gesturing as a crowd cheers around them.

Kim Kardashian has since deleted her tribute to the victims of the Manchester Arena attack.
Kim Kardashian has since deleted her tribute to the victims of the Manchester Arena attack. Instagram

While the mum-of-two's words were no doubt heartfelt, her followers were quick to criticise her over her choice of image.

One wrote: "Why do you put this picture of you patying [sic] with Ariana Grande @kimkardashian So pathetic and sad!"

Another added: "why does she need a picture of Ariana & herself.

"To be honest this tragedy is not about either one of them, people lost their lives at some point it's just tacky to impose yourself into situations#BadDecision sorry this has nothing to do with you Kim, stay out of it."

A third agreed, writing: "It is a literal tragedy and we are all praying but seriously Kim you are just posting a pic of yourself with Ariana barely in it and all faces are happy af and this is how you express your sadness? So sorry for you."

Kardashian's words came after famous faces from the world of music and television shared their shock at the news and paid tribute to those who lost their lives.

But the reality star's post certainly got people's backs up, with another writing: "Really you put a picture of you guys smiling and making sure you look good I hardly thinks that shows empathy."

A fellow follower added: "You shouldn't post a pic laughing and then caption it with truly sad words."

This story originally appeared in The Sun and is republished here with permission.