Labor candidate for the state seat of Hervey Bay - Adrian Tantari.
Labor candidate for the state seat of Hervey Bay - Adrian Tantari. Alistair Brightman

'F--- you bogan racist trash' ALP candidate denies PHON slur

LABOR candidate for Hervey Bay Adrian Tantari has denied controversial comments posted to Facebook under his name about his One Nation opponent were made by him.

Two comments, posted under his official username late Sunday, read "F*** Damian Huxam (sic)" and "F*** all you Racist Bogan Trash".

They have since been deleted.

Mr Tantari told the Chronicle on Monday he had assured the State Secretary for Queensland Labor he did not post the comments but could not provide an explanation as to who had.

"I have since taken steps to increase the security around access to the page to stop further incidents," Mr Tantari said.

It comes after Mr Tantari posted a bizarre video standing next to one of Mr Huxham's signs and criticising him for being out of town for the first week of the state election campaign.

Mr Huxham, who works on a fly in, fly out roster at a Cape York mine site, posted a meme in response, attempting to highlight the Irony in a Labor candidate in tailored trousers and collared dress shirt taking aim at a working class dad for doing his job.


Mr Tantari told the Chronicle only three other people had access to his Facebook page and said "none of them would post something like this."

"I have never in my life never used language like that, and people who know me and where I work know I'd never use that sort of language," he said.

A spokesman from the Premier's office confirmed they were investigating the matter.

Mr Huxham said it was "disappointing" to see the comments.