LAUGHS AHEAD: Colette Andersen is bringing her stand-up comedy show to the Central Highlands.
LAUGHS AHEAD: Colette Andersen is bringing her stand-up comedy show to the Central Highlands. Contributed

Laughs all with a twist

COLETTE Andersen always wanted to be a teacher.

And that was what she was, on and off, for 30 years, 15 of those in the Central Highlands.

However, while living in Capella and taking a break from teaching to work in her husband's metal fabrication business, Ms Andersen realised she needed a creative outlet.

"You know, you're just doing a job that you really have no interest in doing.” she said.

"I had to find an outlet so I started drama classes for kids in Capella and did that for a long time.

"People in the community asked whether I could MC things, so I started doing MC work.”

This work led to Ms Andersen starting a theatre group in Capella.

She then developed a stand-up comedy show, Locals at the Local, which she performed in Capella and again in Emerald when she later moved there.

"That was in 2017 and then I left. So when I came to Brisbane I thought while I was settling in I'll just do some stand-up comedy, and that's what I did for all of 2018,” she said.

An opportunity then came up for Ms Andersen to apply to appear at the Sit Down Comedy Club Fringe Festival in Brisbane.

"So I put an application in and I got accepted,” she said.

And so Ms Andersen's newest stand-up comedy show, Bitter with a Twist, was born, which she is bringing to Capella Cultural Centre on February 16.

"It feels a little like home actually, going back to the cultural centre,” she said.

"I just thought I lived there for so long and I did all my comedy work, well, the beginnings of it, out there.”

Ms Andersen describes the show as "straight stand-up comedy”.

"It's really about my impression of life and how I interact with things that I do on a daily basis,” she said.

"The name says it all. It's about being bitter and twisted and how you can turn that into funny, I suppose.”

Tickets to Bitter with a Twist are on sale now. Purchase them from www.capellaentertainment or phone 49849300.