Harry's view on Peter Dutton's accusations against Biloela's Tamily family.
Harry's view on Peter Dutton's accusations against Biloela's Tamily family.

LETTERS: ‘Palaszczuk’s economic pitch for re-election’


What strong economy Ms Palaszczuk?

We've just completed a four week trip around the top half of the state and found everyone is hurting badly from economic strangulation caused by your border closure.

And now that tourist season is over, your imaginary economic recovery is too late.

It's past trying to resuscitate business in regional Queensland, but you just might be in time to deliver last rights.

In our local electorate of Keppel, your government has delivered a lot of very fancy rhetoric, but in reality, very little has been delivered in the past six years that has resulted in so many local business failing.

Your custodianship of GKI has been nothing short of appalling.

And your crocodile tears over being bullied by the PM to cover up your disgraceful treatment of families being denied farewelling loved ones was unbelievable.

Do you honestly think the people of Queensland believe the PM 'bullied you' when in reality you have been bullying the people of this state. Good riddance.

Peter Bates, Taranganba

Spring into sun safe habits this September

I am writing to remind Queenslanders to remain sun safe as we head into the warmer months.

As you start to try new things and develop new habits to get healthier, remember to be sun safe.

As the weather warms up and the sun stays out for longer it is more important than ever to stay sun safe.

Queensland has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world.

Each year, nearly 3900 Queenslanders are diagnosed with melanoma.

Almost all skin cancers, including melanoma, are caused by overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun, meaning skin cancer is almost entirely preventable.

A common misconception is that sun protection is only necessary when the temperature is high. But we need to think UV not heat.

Multiple forms of sun protection are required when the UV level reaches 3 and above. In Queensland, this is all year around.

The free SunSmart app tells you when sun protection is recommended for your location.

We need to adopt all five sun protective behaviours - Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek and Slide - to reduce our risk of skin cancer.

Don't wait until summer to protect your skin. When checking the weather pay attention to what the UV level is expected to be for the day.

For more information on reducing your cancer risk, please visit, cancerqld.org.au/cancer-prevention.

For more information about skin cancer visit cancerqld.org.au/cancer-information.

Ms Chris McMillan, CEO, Cancer Council Queensland




Harry's view on Peter Dutton's accusations against Biloela's Tamily family.
Harry's view on Peter Dutton's accusations against Biloela's Tamily family.



ANON. If a multi stadium is to be in Rocky it should on the old run down showgrounds. Browne Park should be used for junior football. Get with the 20 century there are more than one sport being play in Rocky.


A mother's heartbreak over the tragic death of her son has been cruelly amplified as she is forced to sit in hotel mandatory quarantine, alone, with her devastation.


SUZANNE BURNS: That so sad.

PETER COX: It's not good but go back to when young Aussies were killed in war and eventually you may have had their body returned six months later. A lot were never returned.

SALV OCHOA: I didn't even get a live stream for my father's funeral, I had my brother to use his mobile phone and just listened to the service..... in life you just have to get the best of it, we are in a pandemic, so it is what it is. Even though it's heartbreaking we have to live with it or plan ahead if necessary … if you know your terminally ill relative is getting ready to die … start making arrangements for travel and quarantine early enough.

LEANNE HARDIMON: My father passed away a few weeks ago. I'm in Tasmania and he was in Queensland. Because of all the quarantine requirements I chose not to go to his funeral, plus I'm classed as high risk. Our family organised live streaming so that everyone that couldn't go didn't miss saying their goodbyes. We all set up a memorial table in our homes with candles and photos. I was upset that I couldn't make it especially as my older children were the ones organising the funeral as they lived near him.

SHELLS BELLS: This kind of heartbreak has been happening for months now and it will continue for quite some time if we do not first follow all the rules to get infections under control. Viruses don't make exceptions about who they infect. While we all feel for every person who is separated from family in difficult times, using peoples personal sorrow is not acceptable when attempting to discredit and undermine a political party so close to an election.