LETTERS: Question over COVID vaccine priorities


What? Meat processing workers among the first to get vaccine

I am turning 69 soon, so I am not used to being told I am too young for anything much.

But according to the government's rollout plan, I will be too young for the Phase 1 vaccine, which will be mostly the Pfizer dose, and will have to wait for Phase 2, which may be the less effective AstraZeneca jab.

Who's getting Phase 1?

Quarantine, healthcare, aged care and disability workers - quite right.

Indigenous people over 55 and others over 70 - fine.

High-risk workers - police, fire, defence and emergency services - yes, and give them a medal too.

And meat processing workers - wait, what?

Killing animals is miserable, dangerous and poorly paid work but it is certainly not an essential industry.

Desmond Bellamy, Special Projects Coordinator, PETA Australia








People who get vaccinated may believe they can't spread the coronavirus and could prove to be the next super-spreaders, experts have warned.

Kyle Briggs: All the jab is to stop ppl from dying and getting really ill. They said this 1 year ago.

Rosylin Robinson: What's the point of it if you can still be a carrier and spread the virus anyway.

Megan Brown: The point is that you won't get as ill or have as many symptoms. This means there is less chance of being hospitalised or even dying. Also, with less symptoms like coughing and sneezing then the chances of you spreading it to someone else is far less (less particles in the air). There are a lot of vaccines that work like this, they lessen the effect of the disease but don't stop it completely. This is why herd immunity is important and the number of people who get vaccinated matters. So, even if you do manage to spread it, it's chances of killing someone are far less likely because that person should also experience a less severe form of the illness.

Deborah Connolly: No different than any other vaccine. You can be vaccined for chicken pox and measles and be a carrier as well.

David French: The vaccine stops people catching it or at least lessens the symptoms. So if you cough all over someone they should have some protection.

MErle Lubach: Not going to rush to get the jab.



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