FROM celebrity deaths to Tinder and some of life's most puzzling questions...
FROM celebrity deaths to Tinder and some of life's most puzzling questions... David Stuart

Here's what you Googled in 2014

GOOGLE'S top trending searches for the year reveal Australians were more interested in the soccer World Cup in Brazil than they were about the twin Malaysia Airlines tragedies or the deadly Ebola outbreak.

Our infatuation with celebrity deaths continued again this year with Robin Williams, Charlotte Dawson and Phil Hughes among the top five trending searches this year on the global online search engine.

Rounding out the top 10 trending searches were Hunger Games actress Jennifer Lawrence, convicted drug smuggler Schapelle Corby, the federal government's MyGov website and smartphone game Flappy Bird.



But the top news searches this year painted a different picture.

Australians were captivated by important global events ranging from Cyclone Ita to Scottish Independence, while also being distracted by news of a good looking young man called Alex From Target.


We also looked to the stars to tune in to the Lunar Eclipse and marvelled at the feat of placing Philae Lander on a fast-moving comet.

But topping the list of most popular news searches this year was MH370 followed by Peaches Geldof's death and former motor racing legend Michael Schumacher who was seriously injured in a skiing accident in the French Alps.


Australians continued to turn to Google for the answers to life's most puzzling questions.

How to . . . draw, kiss, crochet, meditate and knit were the top five searched items this year as was what is . . . Ebola, ALS, Love, Gluten, Tinder and ISIL.

In the celebrity world Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Schumacher, Oscar Pistorius, Jules Bianchi, Jared Leto were the most searched stars.


Google spokesman Shane Treeves said each year the #YearInReview list give a fascinating insight into what makes Australians tick and shows what catches their fancy online.

"Every year we reflect on the moments that made us smile from ear to ear, or kept us gripped to our screens," he said.

"It was a year in which we were affected by the death of a beloved comedian, and watched news unfold about a horrific plane crash and a terrifying disease.

"We were captivated by amazing World Cup goals, and had our fun with digital birds, a bucket of ice, and goat simulator."