A cartoon drawn following Joe Hockey's 2014 Budget.
A cartoon drawn following Joe Hockey's 2014 Budget.

Lifting or leaning? Joe Hockey's one meal cost us $13,000

JUST weeks after telling Australians they needed to be "lifters" and not "leaners", failed treasurer Joe Hockey billed taxpayers $13,000 for a single "informal" dinner..

Mr Hockey began using the slogan after handing down the disastrous 2014 Budget, where he called on the nation to work harder to lift the nation out of debt.

In the same speech he said:

"We must always remember that when one person receives an entitlement from the government, it comes out of the pocket of another Australian."

He also said that it was only fair "that everyone makes a contribution. That includes members of Parliament".  

The Courier-Mail reports that Mr Hockey was dining with former trade minister Andrew Robb at a three-course meal at Sydney's Aqua Dining.

More than $12,000 was spent on food alone but also included included $500 for flower arrangements.

The meal cost taxpayers $620 per head, close to Australia's minimum weekly wage.

It included South Australian calamari, quail eggs, salmon, lamb, risotto and cocktail potatos.

Last week, Mr Hockey was found to have charged the taxpayer thousands of dollars to pay for a babysitter while he works as Australia's ambassador to Washington.

It is understood Mr Hockey is earning $360,000 a year as the ambassador, while also drawing a $90,000-a-year pension for his time served as a politician.

The 50-year-old is now earning more as an ambassador than he was as Australian Treasurer.