Nathan Turner, 30, this week became Australia's youngest COVID-19 related death.
Nathan Turner, 30, this week became Australia's youngest COVID-19 related death.

Light a candle tonight in honour of Nathan Turner

THE DRIVEWAYS of Blackwater will be shining brightly tonight in honour of one of their loved ones, Nathan Turner.

Blackwater resident Annette Boase has rallied the community, encouraging everyone to light a candle or shine a torch in their driveway in honour of the 30-year-old man who sadly died on Tuesday afternoon from coronavirus.

It is understood Mr Turner also had other serious underlying medical conditions.

Ms Boase was looking for a way to bring the community together.

The mother of seven moved to Blackwater some years ago and is more than proud to call it home.

“I love Blackwater, they have welcomed me with open arms and I care,” she said.

“The town is hurting, we are a little community.

“I wanted to show the family we are Blackwater and we care.”

Mr Turner was well known in town and leaves behind a fiancee, Simone Devon, who he had recently proposed to.

Simone has had two negative tests for COVID-19 and is in isolation for precautionary measures.

“Simone is isolated, she has just lost her partner, she can’t even have a hug, she can’t even have a flower given to her,” Ms Boase.

Ms Boase posted her idea on social media and has since been inundated with responses from people from as far as Rockhampton and Mount Morgan, who have commented they will light a candle, along with residents from Comet, Bluff, Emerald and Blackwater.

Ms Boase would like to see every driveway light up at 6pm.

While Ms Boase does not know Simone, she received a message from her thanking her for kindness and saying it was much appreciated.

“I am not out there to get anything back, I want Simone to be reading the messages and feel a bit at ease knowing she is not alone,” Ms Boase said.

Queensland Health reported Mr Turner had not left town since February.

“It’s very sad, everyone has their opinions but they need to keep them to themselves,” Ms Boase said about rumours that had surfaced about how the virus was contracted.

“Because chit chatter goes around a small town quickly and it will get back to Simone and her family and it is the last thing they need.

“Everyone just needs to calm down and breathe and listen to the authorities.

“Just remember he is a brother, uncle, son, cousin - he is someone and someone’s loved one they have just lost.”


Light a candle or shine a torch in your driveway tonight at 6pm, in honour of Nathan Turner