Greyhound stock photo
Greyhound stock photo

Lismore track under scrunity after greyhound deaths

THE Lismore Greyhound Racing Track will be under scrutiny following the death of two dogs in January.

The deaths come as Lismore was named the equal-second-deadliest track in NSW in 2019.

The Greyhound Welfare and Integrity Commission's (GWIC) Race Injury Review Panel will be closely monitoring racing at Lismore to determine what further measures can be put in place to increase the safety of racing greyhounds.

On January 28, Sharp Catch was killed going around the home bend in a seven-dog race.

The two-year-old dog was euthanised after a severe fracture and dislocation of the off-side hock.

Two More Models was killed in a seven-dog race on January 21, according to a stewards' report. At the start of the race, the four-year-old fell heavily, fractured his fore leg and was euthanised.

A normal greyhound life expectancy is 12-14 years.

Animal welfare activist Dennis Anderson believes more could have been done to prevent the recent deaths.

Mr Anderson from the Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds is appalled at the industry's treatment of animals.

"Greyhound Racing NSW asked The University of Technology, Sydney, to examine how they could make tracks safer," he said.

"They recommended having straight tracks, reducing the number of dogs to six per race, and moving the lure to the centre of the track.

"Little has changed."

A GWIC spokeswoman said the Lismore track would be under more scrutiny from now-on and clarified the commission's position on safety measures.

"Greyhound Racing NSW is the body responsible for all track safety and maintenance,"

she said.

"The Commission supports all initiatives that increase the safety of racing greyhounds in NSW."

Greyhound Racing NSW were also approached for comment on the circumstances of recent dog deaths at Lismore.