LNP considers ending its use of political donations

THE LNP is investigating banning political donations altogether and using public funds to finance election campaigns, as it works towards rebuilding voters' trust following its doomed first term in government.

The last recommendation put forward by Joan Sheldon and Rob Borbidge in their 15-page review into what went wrong during the one-term Newman Government and the January election campaign, suggested an end to trade union and corporate donations.

The LNP stalwarts recommend taxpayer dollars be used instead.

LNP leader Lawrence Springborg said it was "well and truly worth considering".

"I think people have a concern in the community, that whether it be corporate donations or union donations, there is a largesse which is dispensed that people expect something in return and I do believe that there is a very, very strong argument for public funding and curtailing that which major entities can donate to political parties," he said.