LNP reveal plan to kickstart COVID recovery



A STIMULUS tsar will be appointed to kickstart major projects in Queensland's post-COVID recovery under a Deb Frecklington-led government.

The LNP Leader will today announce an Economic Recovery Agency to be headed by a new Co-ordinator-General if she wins the October 31 election.

The new position will oversee a Frecklington Government's first 100-day action plan and will be charged with delivering a slew of projects including the drought-busting New Bradfield scheme, the second M1, four new ice rehabilitation centres, $1 billion in southeast Queensland road and rail projects and airconditioning every state school classroom.


LNP Leader Deb Frecklington Pic Annette Dew
LNP Leader Deb Frecklington Pic Annette Dew

It would immediately audit stalled major projects and fast track their approvals across government departments, like the New Acland Stage 3 mine - currently stalled by the Palaszczuk Government, the Gold Coast Cruise Ship Terminal and Queensland Aquarium and Maritime Museum.

It would be in charge of promoting Queensland as the low-tax state for investment and go after $1 billion in private sector investment.

And it will establish an Industry Skills Council that would ensure people were being properly trained in areas where there were skills shortages.

The new co-ordinator-general position would not replace the current co-ordinator-general, whose job was established in 1938 to create jobs after the Depression.

Instead, the new position would report directly to the premier while the existing co-ordinator-general fast-tracks approvals for major projects.



Ms Frecklington said the department would be akin to a "department of grunt" for Queensland's economic recovery.

"Queenslanders want a plan to stimulate the economy and provide a decade of secure jobs, and that's what the LNP will deliver," she said.

"Coronavirus has dealt Queensland the biggest economic blow in almost a century - greater than any fire, flood or cyclone we've ever seen.

"A co-ordinated economic reconstruction is needed to drag Queensland out of recession and create jobs.

"No more mucking about, no more delays, the LNP will fast-track projects to get Queensland working"

The LNP has promised to build a second M1 to alleviate Gold Coast congestion. (AAP image, John Gass)
The LNP has promised to build a second M1 to alleviate Gold Coast congestion. (AAP image, John Gass)

Ms Frecklington said, just like a reconstruction authority takes charge in a disaster, the Economic Recovery Agency, would lead the economic reconstruction.

The commitment follows a Productivity Commission report this week that found the state's economy was in poor condition before the coronavirus pandemic and a "return to normal" approach would not turn things around.

It said regulation was hampering business and warned against government getting trapped in a cycle of industry handouts.

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