LNP unable to name supporters who donated $100,000

THE Queensland LNP says it cannot provide the names of 28 people who donated a total of more than $100,000.

The party was recently forced to submit its donations between January 2014 to June 2014 to the Electoral Commission Queensland.

It followed the Labor government overturning LNP-implemented legislation that donations under $12,800 did not need to be declared.

All donations over $1000 must now be reported.

But Acting Premier Jackie Trad  attacked the LNP during parliament's estimates hearings on Tuesday for not declaring dozens of people who had donated more than $100,000.

Outside estimates, Opposition transport spokesman Scott Emerson said the LNP had done all it could to identify the 28 donors.

He and Queensland LNP president Bruce McIver said Ms Trad was trying to divert attention from Police Minister Jo-Ann Miller's  referral to the ethics committee.

"The LNP has made every effort to comply with Labor's retrospective laws and provide names of donors during the period when the higher threshold existed," Mr McIver said.

"In a comparatively small number of cases, because names were not required to be recorded at the time, the Electoral Commission of Queensland has accepted that it has not been possible to provide some names."

Most names were provided for the $4.7 million in cash and non-cash receipts, including the 28 anonymous donors, the party reported to ECQ.