There are lots of things to consider when seeking a new job.
There are lots of things to consider when seeking a new job.

Looking for a new job? Here are 3 things you should check

WHEN you are looking for a job or thinking of changing careers there is a lot to consider - pay rates, benefits, entitlements and opportunities for promotion.

But there are a few questions you should ask that could have a significant impact on your future career prospects, lifestyle or even family planning.

1. How flexible is the workplace?

Will you be able to work from home? Start late or finish early? Are the working hours and locations specified in your contract?

These things might be important considerations in your daily life. On the flip side if the employer wants you to work from home do you have the equipment to do it?

2. When can I take parental leave?

Some businesses will include paid parental leave for both parents in contracts but you should check whether you have to work for your employer for a minimum period - 12 months is the most common - before you receive paid parental leave.

3. Will I be able to work in the industry if I leave?

Employers often include restrictive "restraint of trade" clauses to prevent employees moving to competing businesses and taking clients or employees with them. Consider the period of time the restraint may apply for, the scope of what is covered and the geographical area it seeks to cover.

This would be particularly significant if you live in smaller regional areas.

If your seniority or experience allows, you can negotiate terms with your new employer.

If you are not in a position to negotiate, like a lot of employees, then be sure of what you are agreeing to, because knowing the ins and outs of your employment contract can mean a happier transition to your new job or a stress-free start to your new career.