Our Say: Love makes a parent, not their biology

IT IS the debate of nature vs nurture, and strong conflicting beliefs are what makes our world such an interesting place.

A story in today's paper with a woman who has donated six of her own eggs to help others have babies is both heartwarming, and thought-provoking.

To me, it is a wonderful gesture which is brave, selfless and absolutely beautiful.

A lot goes into donating eggs and giving the gift of life to a child which will no doubt be incredibly wanted and loved by its parents.

Yet on ABC's Q&A this week, a Christian lobbyist talking about gay marriage rights said taking a child away from its biological father for gay mothers to raise would damage the child and cause a lifetime of hurt - because it is missing a biological parent.

I wonder what the Christian lobbyist would say to Yeppoon's selfless mother donating her eggs.

I wonder if he could possibly say that what she is doing is wrong, when everything about it sounds so kind and generous.

Do children need to be raised with their biological parents? Are there not adopted children, fostered children and children from broken or mixed families everywhere in the world succeeding in their lives?

I believe biology does not make a person a parent. It is love which makes a mum or dad, and donating eggs to make life is an amazing gift.

I base this off the friends and family members that I know who did not grow up with their biological mother and father together in some ficitious harmonious and perfect household.

Perfect doesn't exist. Kids just need to be loved.