UPDATE 12pm: It's official - Lyle Shelton is now part of Cory Bernardi's Australian Conservatives party.

The former campaigner against marriage equality and figurehead in conservative culture have joined forces to launch Mr Shelton's new move.

Mr Shelton will be the party's federal communications director, saying the result of the same-sex marriage postal survey swayed his decision.

"I can tell you that Canberra is broken, but there are things in life that are worth fighting for," he said at the press conference in Toowoomba today.

"The major parties work well for the power-brokers and the winner's circle.

"Last year's plebiscite convinced me to make the switch to partisan politics.

"It highlighted the lack of conviction from the major parties."


Lyle Shelton has joined the Australian Conservatives
Lyle Shelton has joined the Australian Conservatives Tara Miko

Mr Shelton also discussed the need for Christian faith in Australian culture and politics, and how it had been lost to "political correctness".

Mr Bernardi said he was proud to have Mr Shelton as part of the team.

"Lyle lives by his principles and the party needs people like him," he said.

"We want to make sure our voice resonates in every part of Australia."

Lyle Shelton Australian Conservatives: Lyle Shelton takes on new role as federal communications director for the Australian Conservatives.
Lyle Shelton Australian Conservatives: Lyle Shelton takes on new role as federal communications director for the Australian Conservatives.

UPDATE: Senator Cory Bernardi will make an announcement in Toowoomba this morning, expect to confirm conservative activist Lyle Shelton will join his party.

Mr Shelton, who yesterday announced he had stood down from the Australian Christian Lobby, will pursue a career in federal politics as a member of Senator Bernardi's Australian Conservatives.

It will mark the senator's first visit to Toowoomba since July last year when more than 150 residents as part of a whirl-wind Queensland tour.

Mr Shelton is a former youth pastor and one-term local councillor having been elected to the former Toowoomba City Council from 2000-2006.

He retired from the council and mounted an unsuccessful bid for Toowoomba North in 2006 for the Nationals party before it was merged to create the Liberal National Party.

Mr Shelton, a staunch conservative lobbyist, was a high-profile campaigner against legalising same-sex marriage and has campaigned extensively against the Safe Schools program across Australia.


Senator Cory Bernardi set up the playlist in response to Triple J’s decision to move the Hottest 100 to January 27.
Senator Cory Bernardi

EARLIER: Lyle Shelton is set to return home to Toowoomba and run for public office after quitting the Australian Christian Lobby.

He is expected to join Cory Bernardi's Australian Conservative Party, with the Senator due to make an announcement in Toowoomba tomorrow.

In a video statement published this morning, Mr Shelton said he had felt drawn "to the political side of things, to the partisan side of politics" during the same-sex marriage campaign last year.

"I'm not leaving the battle for the values that you or I hold dear - just simply going to a different part of the battlefield," he said.

Mr Shelton had headed up the ACL for 10 years, including five as managing director.

Mr Shelton's former chief of staff Martyn Iles will take over the role of ACL managing director.