Notorious CHRIS, teen Chris Adams from Mackay, is climbing the iTunes charts with his new single Everybody.
Notorious CHRIS, teen Chris Adams from Mackay, is climbing the iTunes charts with his new single Everybody. Chris Adams

Mackay DJ's hit single breaks into iTunes charts

WEDGED between international stars Rudimental, Jonas Blue and two tracks below his idol Timmy Trumpet on the Australian iTunes Chart, Chris Adams can't quite believe how far he's come.

Just a few months ago, the Mackay teen was being bullied at school for trying to pursue a music production career - now he's on the fast track to success with 10K Facebook followers and over 1M views on his YouTube channel.

After being signed to Colombia House/Tech House/Tribal House music label Platinum Records three months ago, the teen who goes by the artist name Notorious CHRIS, released his first single through the label at 12am today and within hours it broke into the iTunes charts.

With his new single 'Everybody' climbing to number #109 on the charts by 3pm, Chris said two years of hard work and persistence was finally paying off.

"I'm feeling really good as its the first time any of my music has charted, there is just so much support," Chris said.

"It has to have had 150 sales to break into the charts. It's a crazy feeling being up there with international artists.

"I have been promoting it through my social media platforms and my record label has been marketing and promoting it."


Chris said his big break came after he and his family took the plunge and relocated to Brisbane to pursue his music dream.

"I have been making music for about two years now but I only started taking it professionally from the start of this year to turn it into a career," he said.

"I'm originally from England and we moved to Mackay five years ago when my dad got a job in the mine at Moranbah.

"When I was in Mackay I was getting bullied a lot because I wanted to make it in music and be a music producer so we moved to Brisbane and I left school to get a job and focus on my music and it is paying off now. It's shown the bullies that I can do it.

"My family thought it would be best to move down to Brisbane to try and get more involved in the music industry."

Since heading south, Chris' music opportunities have sky-rocketed with the up and coming artist scoring regular gigs at major clubs and venue around QLD capital.

Notorious CHRIS at a music festival.
Notorious CHRIS at a music festival. Jessica Peulen

Over the weekend, he returned to Mackay to make his festival debut at Timerfest before backing it up in Brisbane on Monday at major music event Good Life Presents.

"On Monday I played at Good Life Presents at The Met supporting Mashd and Kutcher, Tyron Hapi and DJ Brooklyn who are some of the biggest names in Australia right now," he said.

"The crowd went crazy and to have 3000 kids screaming my name was pretty awesome.

"I only started getting into the club scene this month and it has been going really well. I just love it, I can't really explain it; it's the best feeling ever."

He said it was an amazing feeling to prove his bullies wrong and thanked his family for their ongoing support.

"If you have a goal, just try your hardest and don't listen to what anybody says, there is a lot of negativity out there but just try your hardest because your dreams can come true," Chris said.

With a promising music career ahead of him, Chris said his dream was to one day work with idols Timmy Trumpet and Will Sparks.