The X Factor Top 5 finalist Mahalia Simpson.
The X Factor Top 5 finalist Mahalia Simpson. Channel 7

Mahalia Simpson eliminated from The X Factor

JAZZ and soul singer Mahalia Simpson couldn't climb her way out of The X Factor's bottom two tonight.

The Christchurch-born singer, who auditioned for the show shortly after moving to Australia earlier this year, was eliminated after the deadlocked judges sent the result to the public vote, saving fellow Kiwi Big T.

It was the 22-year-old's fourth bottom two sing-off.

Her mentor Dannii Minogue is now a spectator in the final two weeks of the reality singing show as Guy Sebastian, Chris Isaak and James Blunt mentor their Top 4 singers.

"I think this was the right place for you to come," Minogue said.

"You're the one who's an unusual artist for this type of competition.This is the platform to bigger and better things."

Simpson chose to sing Miley Cyrus's The Climb in what turned out to be her final performance on the show.

"I wanted to remind myself this is about the journey not the destination," she said.

"I think I get caught up personally in the destination and I don't think enough about the journey."

Last week Simpson told APN she hopes to travel to New York City to perform in jazz clubs and collaborate with local artists.

Guy Sebastian has been one of Simpson's strongest supporters ever since her audition, when he said if he was a record executive he would have signed her on the spot.

"There is somebody who I feel is ready to make music right now and in my opinion that person is Mahalia," Sebastian said.

James Blunt said he hoped voting for her exit would set her free as a non-mainstream artist.

"I'm just not sure The X Factor is necessarily the place for you," he said.

"I think in many ways The X Factor has squashed you."