A man has been arrested for stealing a car containing a child.
A man has been arrested for stealing a car containing a child.

Man arrested after stealing car with child in the backseat

A BALLINA man has been arrested after allegedly stealing a car while a child was asleep in the rear seat.

Richmond Police District Senior Constable David Henderson said officers will allege a 25-year-old man stole a bottle of drink from a Union Street Lismore store at 9am on Thursday.

"He has then entered a car that was parked outside the store," Sen-Constable Henderson said.

"The owner had left his car only for a few moments with a 12-month-old child sleeping in a baby seat with the air conditioning on while collecting some stock.

"The 25-year-old then drove away quickly with the baby still in the back seat.

"The owner of the car and witnesses saw this take place.

"They approached the car, which was now stuck in traffic on Union street.

"A witness positioned his car near the stolen car in order to block it in.

"The owner and witnesses then tried breaking car windows in order to stop the driver."

Sen-Constable Henderson said two police vehicles were nearby and saw the events unfolding.

"A Lismore Police Sergeant put his vehicle in front of the stolen car," he said.

"The 25-year-old reversed and slammed into a car behind him.

"Police removed the 25-year-old from the car and placed him under arrest.

"The child was not harmed during this ordeal."

Upon his arrest, the police discovered the man's driver's licence had been disqualified until May 2040.

He has been charged with illegal use of conveyance, taking a motor vehicle with an occupant on board, using offensive instrument to prevent apprehension, driving whilst disqualified second offence and larceny.

He has been bail refused and will appear at Lismore Local Court on Friday.