How would you feel? Image: Unsplash
How would you feel? Image: Unsplash

Outrage over man’s creepy first date move

Unless you've willingly signed on to appear on The Bachelor, there's no reason to assume that the next first date you go on might be filmed.

There's even less reason to believe said date will be filmed, edited and cast out onto the wild seas of YouTube for the viewing pleasure of complete randoms.

Yet, in a post to popular parenting site Mumsnet, one user, AlsoAlan, has shared her mortification at having her first date vlogged about without her consent.

The warning signs she was in for an extremely bizarre first date emerged when the pair started chatting online and agreed to meet up.

"He had previously spoken a lot about how he is really into social media, which I'm not really into. We spoke on WhatsApp but he keeps asking for my Snapchat, Insta, etc," she explained.

"He is very into YouTube and kept asking me to subscribe to his channel and watch his top vid which is a Yes Lads reaction video which has around 7000 likes."

When the woman arrived to their date location, she noticed the man filming her as she walked up to greet him. He asked her how she was feeling and whether she was excited to meet him - all the while filming her. Disconcerting, no?

“Is this focus on social media the new norm for dating now?” Picture: iStock
“Is this focus on social media the new norm for dating now?” Picture: iStock

"I kind of laugh it off but then am getting increasingly annoyed as he keeps asking for us to take a selfie, messing around [with] that weird dog ear filter thing and the whole time I am trying to chat to him his phone keeps relentlessly pinging. He also wanted to play this weird '20 questions about you' game but said he wouldn't put it online if I don't want it," she says.

Weird? Oh hell yes, but things escalated further when she arrived home post-date.

"Within literally five minutes of him dropping me off he texts me to say 'the video' is up on his profile and can I please like and share it'," she says. "I go to his profile and he has actually put together a 20 minute video of our date!! You can't really see my face but you can hear me, he says my name several times and my car reg plate is clearly visible at the end."

The Mumsnet user's valid mortification hit a new peak when she noticed the video had garnered several hundred likes and had been shared by his followers onto their own social accounts.

"He even gave it a title like 'xxcVideoGuyWithNoName GOES ON A DATE!!'. And he filmed the whole '20 questions' thing by hiding his phone behind a menu."

Having the courage to meet someone new and open up on a first date can be a harrowing ordeal, period. Realising that your vulnerability has been exploited for social media likes is mind-blowingly humiliating.

On cue, other Mumsnet users weighed in on AlsoAlan's experience, aptly branding the woman's date a "f*cking idiot".

"Report the video. This is massively unacceptable!" said one irate user.

Another chimed in: "I guess he fancies himself a celebrity YouTuber, sounds like he's trying to copy what other successful YouTubers have done."

After her first date vlog nightmare, AlsoAlan had one parting question for Mumsnet users: "Is this focus on social media the new norm for dating now?"

After a quick "vlogging the first date" search for returned over 15 million results, we can conclude that the answer is, terrifyingly, yes.

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