Man charged after being gifted a range of stolen items

A MAN was charged with receiving tainted property after opening his home to some “young fellas” who needed a place to stay.

Gary Oswald Schomberg, 66, was found in possession of a number of stolen items, including a range of tools, when police searched his Retro St home at 12.15pm in August.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Kevin Ongheen said police found a Milwaukee backpack in Schomberg’s bedroom, containing multiple socket sets, rattle gun, welding helmet, wireless batteries and a range of other tools.

A person who was the victim of a stealing from a vehicle matter, identified the bag and contents by engravings on the tools, as the items that were stolen.

Schomberg told police the items were given to him by a previous housemate, Emerald Magistrates Court heard.

He claimed he didn’t know they were expensive tools, despite owning some of the brand’s products himself, and thought it was strange someone who was unemployed, gifted him such items.

Schomberg pleaded guilty at Emerald Magistrates Court on November 17 to receiving tainted property.

He told the court he had a “couple of young fellas” staying at his house at the time of the incident and found the items in the containers in the yard.

“I did have Milwaukee [products] of my own, so I got all the expensive stuff out [of the container] and put it in my room,” Schomberg said.

Magistrate Rob Muirhead accepted what Schomberg said was true.

He was fined $500 and the conviction was not recorded as he had no previous convictions on his record.