A safe containing gold, silver and cash was stolen amid a man’s crime spree
A safe containing gold, silver and cash was stolen amid a man’s crime spree

Man hacked into sister’s bank account, stole safe

A MAN who hacked his sister's internet banking account also stole a safe containing gold and silver bars and $35,000 cash.

Police caught up with Nathan Sue driving an unregistered car, Ipswich Magistrates Court heard.

Sue was also charged with breaking in and stealing electronic goods, jewellery and cash from Cash Converters store in Ipswich.

Nathan James Sue, 38, from Goodna, appeared before Ipswich Magistrates Court from jail via video-link for sentence on Friday.

He pleaded guilty to three charges of stealing; two counts of committing fraud; using a restricted computer to cause detriment at Bellbird Park in September 2019; break and enter business premises to steal; enter dwelling to steal at North Ipswich in April 2018; fraud; driving an unregistered and uninsured car at Goodna on May 21 last year; failing to appear at court; and contravening probation orders.

Police prosecutor Jack Scott said Sue was sentenced in 2018 for burglary and stealing offences and received a suspended sentence and a probation order.

He had since spent 110 days held in custody.

The burglary at North Ipswich in March 2018 is believed to have involved $50,000 in Australian and foreign currencies, silver bars valued at $15,000 and $12,000 in gold bars.

The safe and its contents have not been recovered, the court heard.

When Magistrate Andy Cridland asked whether restitution was sought, Mr Scott said there were no instructions on this.

Defence lawyer Matthew Fairclough said Sue had drug and personal issues at the time, which followed an accident in July 2018 that left him with significant injuries and some mental health issues.

Sue was sentenced to a total of 13 months' jail with various jail orders including six months for computer hacking, two months for fraud and stealing, and four months for failing to appear at court.

With 110 days already spent in jail Sue was granted immediate parole.

Mr Cridland ordered that he pay restitution of $1781 to his sister.