Man jailed for police cell poo

A MAN who did a poo in a Bowen police cell and then smeared it on all of the walls and the observation window with his hands, has been jailed.

Robert Ahmat Bowie, 41, of Bowen, pleaded guilty in Bowen Magistrates Court on Tuesday to wilful damage of police property, driving over the general alcohol limit, driving while over the no alcohol limit but not over the general alcohol limit while unlicensed, and two charges of driving without a licence.

Prosecutor Robert Beamish said Bowie defecated in the police station holding cell, before urinating in it, and then spreading it on all four walls while yelling "I'm sh*tting everywhere" on November 1.

"It took several officers hours to clean it up," Mr Beamish said.

The court was also told Bowie recorded a blood alcohol content of 0.095 when he was breath tested by police at 8.40pm on September 13 in Palmerston Drive in the Innisfail suburb of Goondi Hill.

He was also driving on a licence, which had been disqualified by a court already, Mr Beamish said.

Three hours later, at 11.40pm, he was against stopped by police driving without a licence, while driving on the Bruce Highway in the Innisfail suburb of Goondi Bend.

Mr Beamish said Bowie recorded a blood alcohol content of 0.035 this time, but had to have a zero alcohol content as his licence was disqualified.

"The defendant's behaviour almost immediately after (he was caught the first time) was a disregard of the court order," he said.

Mr Beamish said Bowie had several unlicensed driving and drink driving charges on his record, as well as numerous prison sentences for wilful damage.

Bowie's solicitor Adam Mussap told the court his client had helped clean up the wilful damage at the police station.

He also told the court Bowie was driving to attend his uncle's funeral when the driving offences occurred.

Magistrate Ron Muirhead condemned Bowie for his actions in the police station.

"It's disgusting behaviour," he said.

"It involved police cleaning faeces."

Bowie was sentenced to six months prison for the wilful damage to the police cell.

He was also sentenced to one month in prison for the first drink driving and 14 days prison for the first disqualified driving charge.

For the second disqualified driving charge, he was sentenced to four months' prison and 14 days for the second drink driving charge.

All prison sentences are to be served concurrently, with a total of six months imposed.

Bowie was made eligible for parole after two months.

His driver's licence was also disqualified for two years on each of the disqualified driving charges and four months on each of the drink driving charges - a total of four years and eight months.