Man knocked off kayak by huge shark

A FISHERMAN in Victoria has had a terrifyingly close encounter with a shark after the three-metre long animal knocked him from his kayak.

Brett Palmer, 34, was wishing in Westernport Bay near Balnarring on Saturday night when he was flung into shark infested waters while trying to reel in the giant catch.

His brother filmed the dramatic catch but missed the aftermath here Mr Palmer was flipped into the water.

"I heard him yell out a few swear words and then I heard a big splash and he was in the water," Luke told 7 News.

They found several bite marks on his kayak, proving just how dangerous the area they were fishing in was.

They decided to abandon the overturned kayak and head home but, in doing so, they unknowingly sparked a major search for a missing fisherman after the vessel was spotted off Cliffs Beach on Sunday morning.

Police later found Mr Palmer safe and sound at home.