COURT: Dylan John Kalinowsky pleaded guilty to affray at the Emerald Magistrates Court.
COURT: Dylan John Kalinowsky pleaded guilty to affray at the Emerald Magistrates Court.

Man left with facial scar after Emerald pub punch

A MAN'S face has been left scarred after he was punched outside an Emerald pub.

Dylan John Kalinowsky, 19 from Dysart, punched Luke Jonathon Norris outside the Irish Village after Norris "simulated an act of fellatio" towards Kalinowsky's friends on August 14 last year.

The Emerald Magistrates Court heard on Tuesday that the fight on Egerton Street occurred about 11pm in the licensed al fresco area of the pub.

Kalinowsky's solicitor Roland Pianta said that his client had been drinking with a group of friends and was not heavily intoxicated, but had been drinking for about three hours. He said Norris was "acting strangely" towards Kalinowsky and his friends.

After "some exchange of words", Norris was ejected from the pub and Kalinowsky "without thinking, struck out" at the victim, who was holding a glass.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Kevin Ongheen said that the glass shattered and left a 10cm cut above the left eye of Norris.

"At that point a pause developed in the fight," he said. "That's when the defendant gathered his belongings and fled the area."

Sgt Ongheen said footage from CCTV and witnesses showed the aftermath,

"Blood streaming down the fact and chest of Norris."

Because of the incident, Norris "has a significant scar on his face from the wound" that "went down past his temple to below his eye", but his sight has not been affected.

Magistrate Robert Walker said: "The disquieting aspect of the matter is the very significant injury. The temptation is to describe this as a glassing.

"It's among the more serious examples of the offence of affray, given the consequences."

He lamented the frequency of alcohol-fuelled offences committed by young men, calling it "appalling".

"It shows just how quickly a relatively innocuous situation can erupt into a very violent one with lasting consequences for all concerned."

Kalinowsky pleaded guilty to affray. He was sentenced to 120 hours of unpaid community service and a $1,000 compensation payment to the victim.

He was also prohibited from entering licensed premises in Emerald until January 13, 2021.

Kalinowsky's conviction was not recorded.