Man pleads guilty to torturing Mackay woman but denies rape

A MAN has pleaded guilty to maiming, torturing and holding hostage a Mackay woman he met through online dating site RSVP but says he did not rape her.

The man, who can not be identified to protect his alleged victim's identity, pleaded guilty on Monday in the Brisbane District Court to seven charges including deprivation of liberty, assault occasioning bodily harm, torture and acts intended to maim or disfigure after the relationship between the two started to sour due to his jealous and possessive ways.

However, he has pleaded not guilty to five rape charges stemming from a three day ordeal where he held the woman captive in her Brisbane home.

Crown Prosecutor Sarah Dennis told the court the two had met in June 2011 through RSVP after the woman had moved to Brisbane to take up a new job.

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"As the relationship progressed the accused became more and more intrusive," she said.

"He started reading her text messages and emails.

Ms Dennis said man's jealously continued to escalate before it turned violent in September 2011.

"He then started checking her work emails and calendar," she said.

"He went as far as texting the woman's boss from her phone pretending to be her saying she could not go to certain events.

"On one occasion it resulted in a fight between the two where he punched her several times in the stomach after he accused her of flirting with a colleague.

"He then said to her she did not deserve to have children.

"He then dragged her by the hair up a flight of stairs into the bedroom.

"He pulled her so hard he ripped out a large chunk of her hair and her hair became tangled in a knot which she could not get out."

Ms Dennis told the jury as a result of being punched the woman did not attend work for several days where the accused continued to taunt and abuse her, at one stage getting the chunk of hair from the bin and placing it on the woman's bed after she had earlier thrown it away.

"It was after that the accused locked her up in her house and subjected her to three days of torture, abuse and rape," she said.

"He allegedly raped her with a hairspray can, hairbrush, metal water bottle and his fist as well as anally. On two occasions he poured bleach over her vagina and anus resulting in significant burns.

"He then barricaded the two of them in the woman's bedroom after arming himself with knives from the kitchen."

Ms Dennis said the woman managed to talk with the accused on the third day of her ordeal and reminded him they were both due in Mackay the following day for her brother's 21st birthday celebrations and if she did not show her parents would call the police.

It was then the woman managed to escape and called work colleagues who in turn called the police.

The woman, who has returned to Mackay to live with her family, gave evidence on Monday afternoon in court which was closed to the public.

The trial before Judge Nicholas Samios continues.