A man has been sentenced to jail for attempting to attack his ex-partner while locked in his car.
A man has been sentenced to jail for attempting to attack his ex-partner while locked in his car.

‘Highly intoxicated’ man smashes car window to get ex-partner

A MAN who terrorised his ex-partner by attempting to smash his way into a locked vehicle has been sentenced.

The ex-partner had locked himself in the vehicle to escape the violent attack.

The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, breached his domestic violence order three times by attacking his ex-partner at their home.

The Townsville District Court heard the man had been in a relationship with the victim since 2013 but the relationship had come to an end in October 2017.

On June 6, 2019 the man pushed his ex-partner against a washing machine and pulled his hair after starting a verbal argument at their home while he was intoxicated.

The court heard 12 days later the man and his ex-partner were at home when he caused a verbal argument while "highly intoxicated".

As the victim started to pack a suitcase to leave, the man lashed out and pushed him to the ground causing a laceration to his cheek.

The court heard the man returned on June 29 at 10.30pm and started banging on the back door of the house.

The victim ran to the garage and hid in a car to hide from the man who started to smash the car windows with a blanket wrapped around his hand.

As the ex-partner turned on the car engine the man got on the car's roof and jumped up and down six times leaving a large dent in the roof.

Crown prosecutor Monique Sheppard said it was "concerning" the man had six previous convictions for breaking a protection order. The man pleaded guilty to 10 charges including assault occasioning bodily harm, threatening violence in the night and wilful damage. Defence barrister Frank Richards said the relationship breakdown had not been a "clean break" and the man had issues with alcohol.

"It is clear his offending was motivated by his failure to come to terms with the new nature of the relationship and his alcohol consumption," he said. Mr Richards presented to the court a letter from the victim to withdraw his complaint and a second letter of support in the man's rehabilitation.

Judge Gregory Lynham said the man's violent behaviour was "concerning".

Judge Lynham took into account 198 days spent in pre-sentence custody and sentenced the man to 18 months' jail with immediate parole.

Originally published as Man smashes car window to get at ex-partner while 'highly intoxicated'