COURT DATE: A driver and his passenger will face court after a bizarre series of events on the New England Highway.
COURT DATE: A driver and his passenger will face court after a bizarre series of events on the New England Highway. FILE

Man 'speeds past unmarked cops' but that's just the start

WHEN driving on the New England Highway a man allegedly chose the wrong car to speed past, overtaking an unmarked police car while doing about 20km/h above the speed limit.

It set in motion a bizarre series of events which landed both the man and one of his passengers with court dates.

Acting Sergeant Matt Shield, of Allora Police, said the 46-year-old driver was pulled over by the Warwick Traffic Unit at Allora after he was clocked doing about 120-130km/h in a 100km/h zone.

The Warwick man was then given a roadside drug test and allegedly returned a positive reading.

Three passengers were in the Holden Commodore with the driver but none of them were legally able to drive, as two were unlicensed and one was over the blood alcohol limit.

When Warwick police detained the driver, Sgt Shield said he travelled to the stranded passengers and asked if they needed a lift back to Allora.

The passengers reportedly refused the ride and said a driver was on their way.

"A couple of minutes later, I was asked by the traffic unit to obtain a phone number for the man who had been detained," Sgt Shield said.

"I was going back to get a phone number and, as soon as I was on the highway, they were coming towards me."

Sgt Shield said he pulled over the car and discovered one of the unlicensed passengers behind the wheel.

A roadside drug test was also conducted on the female driver and the 37-year-old Warwick woma also returned a positive reading.

The Warwick Traffic Unit took another trip back to Allora to pick up the woman.

At the same time, police confiscated the number plates on the car for seven days, as the car belonged to the woman.

Sgt Shield said the woman was charged with unlicensed and drug driving, while possible charges for the man are pending until the return of drug test results.

Both have been given a notice to appear at Warwick Magistrates Court on March 14.

The woman will also appear in court on April 4 for the drug driving charge.

The remaining two passengers, who were in the vehicle, were later picked up by a friend, according to police.