Man tries to justify sending nude pics to victim

A popular relationships adviser has come under fire after telling a woman who received a slew of unwanted nudes she was "not a victim of sexual harassment".

Dan Savage hosts a podcast called "Savage Lovecast" where he gives advice to people about sex and relationships

In a recent episode he listens to a question from a woman who was sent a number of unsolicited pictures, with her telling him: "I think I was just the victim of sexual assault."

The woman said the incident happened after she invited an Amazon delivery man in for a glass of water on a really hot day. The two had a good chat and she told him that she was married and had moved to the area with her husband.

She then gave him her number before he left. Later she received nine text messages from him which included unsolicited pictures of his penis and a string of lewd comments.

She said the man later apologised and asked her not to report him as he was "not a sexual predator".

She then told Savage she doesn't want to "sex shame the guy" but was worried because he knew where she lived and had her number.

Savage replied by telling her to get "a little perspective" and saying she was not a victim of sexual assault.

"You're not even, I'm sorry to say, the victim of sexual harassment. You haven't been assaulted. Physically assaulted," he said.

"Getting some text messages and a d**k pick or two or three or nine from some a**hole doesn't make you the victim of sexual assault."

He then said because the man stopped sending them she "legally" wasn't the victim of sexual harassment.

A number of people then called Savage out on Twitter over his comments.