Marilyn Wallman disappeared on March 21st, 1972 while riding her bike to catch a bus.
Marilyn Wallman disappeared on March 21st, 1972 while riding her bike to catch a bus.

Searchers come up empty-handed after digging up backyard

WHAT happened to 14-year-old Marilyn Wallman remains a mystery after police failed to find any new evidence in a North Mackay backyard.

Police received a recent tip-off that led them to excavate the backyard in Bassett St in the hope of finding "items of interest" related to the 42-year-old cold case.

However, only days after starting the dig, they wrapped up their search yesterday afternoon.

Despite feeling "very, very disappointed" at the outcome, Marilyn's brother Rex Wallman was still hopeful.

"We won't give up," he said. "We'll be looking for Marilyn until we find her."

Marilyn disappeared without a trace from Eimeo in 1972 while on her way to school.

At the time, the house and backyard police were searching this week belonged to members of the Sologinkin family.

Mr Wallman said this recent investigation put Marilyn's name in the public domain again, which had prompted more people to come forward with information.

Mackay District's Detective Inspector Karyn Murphy said the failed search wasn't a waste of time.

"This was one of our lines of inquiries," she said. "We can say this has been completed now and keep going on with the investigation."

She said there wasn't another dig site police had their eye on, but there were more people to speak to.

Meanwhile, Mr Wallman had one message for the public: If you have any information, come forward.

"It doesn't matter how small it is," he said. "Over the 42 years of this case, police have compiled this enormous amount of information and sometimes it's the last little bit of information they need.

"It doesn't matter if people feel embarrassed they haven't come forward earlier; we want those people to come forward and call Crime Stoppers."

He said it was hard dealing with the disappointment but "we've got to find her".

"I'll keep going until I do," Mr Wallman said.

If you have information call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.



POLICE say nothing has been found at the North Mackay backyard as the excavation work is expected to wind-up later today.

Mackay District's Karyn Murphy said the investigation into finding "items of interest" relating to the disappearance of Marilyn Wallman was still going but nothing had been found.

She said they were examining the entire yard, which was likely to be completed today.



POLICE have sent a skull to New Zealand in a bid to find out if it was Marilyn Wallman's.

The skull was found two years after Marilyn disappeared but Detective Inspector Karyn Murphy said DNA testing had progressed over the years and it might now be possible to find out more information.

Meanwhile, Mackay police would not comment or provide an update on the investigation yesterday.

The skull was not found at Bassett Street.