Rubbish found off Keswick Island
Rubbish found off Keswick Island Bernice Matheson

Mass of rubbish found in waters off reef

A COLLECTION of rubbish including plastic bottles, bags and a pillow has been pulled out of the ocean near Keswick Island off the Mackay coast this week.

Bernice and Collin Matheson were leaving the island when they came across the pool of rubbish they believe is from a foreign vessel.

"We were sailing home from Keswick Island on Wednesday before we came across this bag of plastic with foreign writing on it," Mrs Matheson said.

Mr and Mrs Matheson decided to delay their trip back to Mackay by cleaning up the rubbish which included a variety of plastic items.

"There were plastic bottles, bags and there was even a pillow there so we decided it would be the right thing to do to clean it all up," Mr Matheson said.

The sight of the mass amount of rubbish in Mackay waters was a first for the couple however they have heard of other incidents.

"It's the first time we've actually seen rubbish just floating off the shore but recently there's been a couple of people that have come across some stray pieces of garbage in our oceans here,"Mrs Matheson said.

Mrs Matheson believes more needs to be done to prevent rubbish dumping by vessels passing through the region.

"There should be more controls put on ships to ensure they don't treat the reef and our coast like a rubbish dump," Mrs Matheson said.