McDonald’s employee victim of opportunistic crime

A YOUNG woman who stole a McDonald’s employee’s iPhone and failed to complete an 80-hour community service order spent the night in the watch-house.

Moesha Geehoy, 21, pleaded guilty on September 16 in Rockhampton Magistrates Court to one count of stealing, two fail to appear in court, one fail to provide identifying particulars and breaching a community service order.

Police prosecutor Jess King said an Emerald McDonald’s employee was working on March 9 when he placed his iPhone X on a table where he had been working, and was called away.

She said Geehoy and a friend were in the store when Geehoy put her hands behind her back and picked up the phone – actions captured on CCTV.

Ms King said the phone owner used the “Find my Phone” app and discovered his phone was located near Hospital Rd.

She said when the phone was found, it was damaged and the SIM card was missing.

The court heard Geehoy had failed to finish an 80-hour community service order, completing only 6.5 hours, which defence lawyer Pierre Lammersdorf said could be attributed to Geehoy’s transient lifestyle.

He said his client, who had been in a de-facto relationship for four years, had a disadvantaged childhood with her mother dying when she was 11, and Geehoy never knew her father.

Mr Lammersdorf said she was raised by her grandmother.

Geehoy was fined $1250 and ordered to nine months’ probation.