BELOVED: Boots is 19.5 years old.
BELOVED: Boots is 19.5 years old. Contributed

Meet one of the oldest cats in the region

MEET one of the oldest cats in the Central Highlands - Boots.

Boots is the beloved cat of Capella couple David and Bev Thorogood, and he is 19.5 years old.

Mrs Thorogood said she was picking up supplies in Rockhampton in 1999 when she heard Capricorn Animal Aid needed people to adopt or foster animals.

"We already had one young male cat called Puss, so I decided to see if I could help,” she said.

"My first look at Boots and I couldn't say no. He was a very handsome grey domestic short hair, so home he came.”

Mrs Thorogood said Boots has always been a placid, laidback cat and an expert snake catcher.

"He took great delight in bringing them back into the house to present to us, nearly always still alive and he would put them at our bedroom door - great surprise to wake up to,” she said.

"The biggest he brought in was a five-foot brown which he proudly placed in the kitchen. Finding a five-foot brown at 5am in the morning makes you move super fast. Thank goodness his snake adventures have finished.”

Boots has twice developed kidney stones but thanks to veterinarian Jim Staunton at Moranbah Vet Clinic, he was successfully treated.

But his problems haven't stopped there. "Around 18 months ago, Boots became unwell again and we thought we were going to lose him after being diagnosed with more kidney problems, a hyper thyroid and arthritis,” Mrs Thorogood said.

"After numerous blood tests and now twice daily medication, he continues to defy us all and just keeps going, although there are certainly signs of dementia.”

Boots is still reasonably active but most days are spent sleeping.

Boots will celebrate his 20th birthday on February20.