HAVING A CHAT: Last year's Jugs and Jocks event.
HAVING A CHAT: Last year's Jugs and Jocks event.

Men having comfortable conversations

CLERMONT pharmacy owner Grant Oswald wants men to feel comfortable expressing themselves.

That’s why for a third year he’s running Jugs and Jocks, an event so named because he reckons blokes are most comfortable in their undies.

Mr Oswald said that it is especially crucial for men to open up to their mates and families.

“This is an opportunity for men to get together and have a beer,” he said.

“It’s important because blokes don’t talk. But here you start talking to someone else and you find that they’re experiencing the same thing that you are.

“And you get a laugh and giggle out of it.”

The reception since the event’s inception has been exceptional, Mr Oswald said, and its place on Clermont’s calendar is secure.

“The biggest message [from last year] was that it is okay to feel down and not be yourself at all times.

“As blokes we have always been told to toughen up and get over things. That’s slowly changing.”

Over 100 men attended Jugs and Jocks in 2017 and 2018.

Last year, ex-NRL player David Shillington spoke at the event. The guest speaker this year will be Noel Whittaker, an expert on personal finance.

“Mental health challenges are made worse if you’re in financial stress,” Mr Oswald said.

“We’ve had all age groups attend because I think we all experience the same problems.

“Just getting blokes in the same room — that’s what this event is about.”

Jugs and Jocks 2019 will be at 6pm on Wednesday, October 30 at the Capella Commercial Hotel.

On the night, there will be a short presentation followed by a Q&A session.

Entry is $15 dollars and includes a burger and a beer. Tickets are available now at Clermont pharmacy.

Despite the name, attendees are expected to be clothed.