Men more likely to date on looks alone

MEN are twice as likely to go on a date purely based on looks, the annual RSVP Date of the Nation Report has found.

The dating website surveyed 3500 Australians and found while 22% of women said they would go on a date based on looks alone, 44% of men said they would go out with someone only because they found them attractive.

The survey found when deciding who to contact online the five most important elements were a person's photos, their age, how they describe themselves, where they live and their interests and hobbies.

RSVP spokeswoman Kari Taylor said while looks were important they should not be the only way to pick a date.

"The last thing you want is to be stuck at dinner with someone hot but have absolutely no conversation to work with. That usually turns into a bad date pretty quickly," she said.

"It's clear from the research that the overwhelming majority of women, and most men, want to know more than just what a person looks like when deciding whether to go on a date."