AUSTRALIAN children will be able to get a potentially lifesaving meningococcal jab from as young as two months old.

Previously parents had to wait until their child was 12 months old to get them a vaccine, which covers four strains of meningococcal. But the Therapeutic Goods Administration has now approved the GSK Menveo (r) vaccine for use from two months old.

Meningococcal is circulating widely across Australia with a surge in the numbers of people falling ill fuelled by a spike in the W-strain.

Experts are baffled by the surge in meningococcal but Sydney University's infectious disease specialist Professor Robert Booy said it's believed the horror influenza season is contributing to the problem.

People can carry the meningococcal bacteria in their throat without being sick but influenza can cause the bacteria to invade the bloodstream and develop the disease.

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