Jo-Ann Miller breaks down telling black lung family story

JO-ANN Miller has made an emotional speech supporting setting up a parliamentary committee into black lung.

The Queensland Parliament on Thursday night voted to establish a parliamentary committee to examine the re-emergence of the disease.

The LNP had moved a motion calling for a commission of inquiry to be set up but Mirani Labor MP Jim Pearce, a former underground coal miner, moved an amendment to create a parliamentary committee instead.

But Bundamba MP Ms Miller broke down talking about how her two grandfathers died from coal mining - one from black lung.

"My father, my grandfathers and my great grandfathers were all Ipswich underground coal miners," she said.

"My grandfather, James Daniel Pringle, died in 1968. When the doctors performed an autopsy he had black lung.

"My grandfather, yes my grandfather, died of black lung.

"My family history is about death and dying in coal mines. My father, my grandfathers and my great-grandfathers they went to work but they didn't go to work to die. And my grandfather didn't go to work to die of black lung.

"They both died because they were coal miners. And that's the real price of mining coal."

Ms Miller, who has called for a royal commission in the past, said voted against the LNP's motion to set up a commission of inquiry in favour of a parliamentary committee.

She offered to chair the committee due to her connections to the industry.

"I want a royal commission and I still do," she said.

"But I know we can get a parliamentary committee up and running quickly."

Shadow industrial relations minister Jarrod Bleijie said a committee would end up being political but a commission of inquiry would be open and independent.

The Katter's Australian Party MPs sided with the government to amend the bill from a royal commission to a parliamentary committee. The LNP and independent Rob Pyne voted against the amendment. - ARM NEWSDESK