Missing Kyle sparks panic at KIIS FM


Kyle Sandilands sparked concerns this morning when he failed to show up for work.

The KIIS FM host was nowhere to be seen when his radio show started at 6am.

"We don't know where Kyle is," co-host Jackie O said on air. "His phone is off which is very strange."

Jackie O added that Kyle's manager, Bruno Bouchet, was also uncharacteristically unavailable.

Producers were so concerned that they sent a Kyle and Jackie O team member to Kyle's house to check on the radio star.

Once there, the team member knocked on the door which woke Kyle who had simply slept in.

Kyle rushed to the studio in North Ryde where he was greeted in the carpark by show producers including Peter Deppeler.

"Thank god you're here, we've been worried sick," Pete said to Kyle in an Instagram live as the star walked inside the building to the studio. "There was a lot of panic from management. Everyone's been freaking out."

"You all thought I was dead?" Kyle asked. "I'm not dead!"

Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O. Picture: Supplied
Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O. Picture: Supplied

Kyle jumped straight on air where he apologised to listeners for missing the first hour of the show.

"I'm so sorry everyone. I slept in," he said.

Kyle and Jackie O returned to the airwaves on Monday after a long holiday.

The pair are the highest paid stars in radio and reportedly get paid more than $35,000 each for every single show.

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